Our Best Recipes From Thomas Keller

By SAVEUR Editors - March 20, 2019

Thomas Keller, renowned chef and restaurateur, has the recipes you need for simple but charming meals. Everything Thanksgiving, Keller honors veterans in the country by serving an incredible family meal. He serves these Thanksgiving recipes from his restaurant Bouchon Bistro. But these recipes are simple enough to replicate at home. From his coconut cake to sweet potato casseroles to his Thanksgiving turkey, we’ve rounded up our favorite recipes from Thomas Keller.

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Coconut Cake

Matt Taylor-Gross

Thick Italian meringue is sandwiched between moist layers of cake, which is topped off with sweetened shredded coconut in this recipe from chef Thomas Keller. Get the recipe for Thomas Keller's Coconut Cake »

Ciabatta and Sausage Stuffing

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Macaroni Au Gratin

Ingalls Photography

The foundation of this creamy casserole is a classic mornay sauce, a béchamel sauce to which cheese has been added—in this case, comté, a French cheese with a complex, nutty flavor that melts beautifully. With lots of freshly grated nutmeg to season it and a golden, crunchy breadcrumb topping, it’s a luscious, satisfying side dish for the Thanksgiving table. The dish comes from Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bistro, in the Napa Valley, where the staff makes it as part of their annual Thanksgiving dinner for veterans and their families. Get the recipe for Macaroni au Gratin »

Sweet Potato Purée

Sweet Potato Purée

Eilon Paz

The staff of Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bistro prepares this decadent version of sweet potato casserole each year as part of a Thanksgiving feast for veterans and their families. The potatoes are first baked in foil packets with allspice, butter, honey, and brown sugar. Then, infused with aromatic sweetness, they’re puréed with creamy mascarpone cheese and topped with marshmallows. Get the recipe for Sweet Potato Purée »

Haricots Verts Casserole

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Bouchon Roast Turkey

Eilon Paz

At California's Bouchon Bistro, turkey is divided into pieces for cooking to maximize its flavor and texture. The drumsticks and breast soak in a tenderizing brine—honey, lemon, herbs, garlic, and lots of salt—before roasting, while thighs are deboned and stuffed with an herbed turkey mousse for roulades. Get the recipe for Bouchon Roast Turkey »

TKOs (Chocolate Sandwich Cookies)

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Better Nutters

Noah Fecks

This peanut butter sandwich cookie--Thomas Keller's take on his favorite childhood cookie--has a sophisticated edge thanks to vanilla paste and high-quality butter, while keeping all of the sweet-salty goodness from the classic Nutter Butters on which it's based. Get the recipe for Better Nutters »